The Town of Mooresville, Indiana, resident population of approximately 9,700, seeks experienced police leaders as applicants to serve as the next Mooresville Police Department (MPD) Chief of Police. The MPD is staffed by an authorized (22) sworn Police Officers, and (6) non-sworn individuals, and (3) part-time employees. The duties and responsibilities of this job include:

Demonstrated reputation as a leader with a high level of honesty and integrity.

Outgoing, positive and approachable personality to encourage accessibility with residents, businesses and governmental leaders.

Must be committed to training, professional development and community engagement.

Open and available to Police Department staff and Town employees by using an effective communicating philosophy, seeking input, and being welcoming of and encouraging racial and gender diversity.

Must be knowledgeable of current best practices and policies in policing and ensure consistency in the application of those policies.

Will have a history of intergovernmental cooperation and relationship building and ensure consistency in the application of those policies.

Is expected to have excellent organization and management skills and a clear understanding of resource and budgetary allocations.

Experience in reviewing organization structures, staffing, and personal assignments and making changes when appropriate to ensure departmental capability to carry out the police department’s mission and responsibilities.

Experience in addressing internal organization and personnel issues present in most police agencies as well as have demonstrated ability in addressing these problems in a positive, professional, timely, and impartial manner.

Will possess will-developed writing and public speaking skills.

Supervises and directs assigned personnel, including interviewing applicants, making hiring recommendations, making work schedules, making work assignments, providing training and corrective instruction, evaluating performance and carrying out formal discipline as needed.

Performs administrative functions, including preparing, submitting and administering department budgets and developing and implementing department policies and procedures.

Conducts proactive and reactive patrol of town roads, and other designated areas, maintaining high visibility and ensuring security of residences, businesses and construction sites.

Investigating and reporting all suspicious and unlawful activities, and performs necessary actions to enforce laws.

Investigating traffic accidents, including assessing extent of injuries, calling for medical assistance, photographing, videotaping and measuring accident scenes, directing the removal of damaged vehicles, and assuring the area is clear.

Retrieves information using Indiana Data and Communication System (IDACS)/National Crime Information Center (NCIC), submits data into computer database, preparing various documents, and submits all required Department reports according to Department deadlines.

Performs related duties as assigned.

Basic eligibility requirements and consideration factors for Chief of Police candidates:


  1. Must be a United States Citizen.
  2. Must be certified police officer by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.
  3. A minimum of 5 years of service as a police officer with a full-time, paid police department or agency
  4. Must meet minimum vision standard (corrected or uncorrected) of 20/50 acuity in each eye and 20/50 distant binocular acuity in both eyes.
  5. Must possess a valid driver’s license to operate an automobile.
  6. If appointed, must become a resident of Morgan, Marion, Johnson, Brown, Monroe, Putnam, Owen or Hendricks.
  7. Must be a high school graduate as evidenced by a diploma or general equivalency diploma (GED). Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, public administration, or related field is preferred including military officer training.
  8. Must not have a felony conviction.
  9. Shall not have been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence.
  10. Shall not have a conviction for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, or operating a vehicle with blood alcohol content of .08% or above.
  11. Shall not have used an illegal drug in the last three (3) years; be drug-free, and have no convictions for operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs.
  12. If engaged in military service, must have an Honorable Discharge.


The starting salary is $66,359.80. In addition, the Town of Mooresville offers an attractive benefits package. You may pick up an application at the Mooresville Town Hall, located at 4 E. Harrison St by contacting Police Commissioner Chris Hobbick at, or at

Please submit completed applications to