The Clerk-Treasurer’s office is responsible for storing and maintaining all official records of the Town, the collecting and depositing of all monies received, the paying of all invoices for the Town, maintaining and reconciling the budgets and bank statements and billing for wastewater.
Where can I pay my sewer bill?

We offer several payment options.

  • U.S. Mail Mail payment to: 4 E. Harrison Street Mooresville, IN. 46158
  • In Person Pay in person by cash, check, money order or with Visa or Master Card at Clerk- Treasurer’s office located at 4 E. Harrison Street, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • On-line Payment Make single payments using credit or debit card for a $3.00 processing fee by visiting Town of Mooresville website.
  • Night Deposit Box Our night deposit box is available for after-hours payments, located at 4 E Harrison Street. Please “NO CASH”
  • Automatic Bank Deduction (ACH) Your monthly bill is deducted from your savings or checking account approximately 5 business days before the due date.   Contact the Clerk’s Office to obtain a form at 317-831-1608.
How do you determine my sewer usage?
Sewer usage is based upon your water consumption provided from the water utility.
Where do I pay a sewer lien?
At the Morgan County Treasurer’s Office in Martinsville.
Why do I have a $3.00 Stormwater fee added onto my sewer bill?
The Stormwater fee is due to Rule 13, a State Mandate that required the Town to regulate everything that goes into the stormdrains to be sure that all rain water and runoff enters the waterways in the same or better condition. This applies to every residence and business within the Town’s civil limits. Even if you do not have a stormdrain near your home, the runoff from your property eventually flows into the stormdrains, ditches or waterways.
Where do I apply for a marriage license
At the Morgan County Clerk’s Office in Martinsville.
Where do I file a Homestead or Mortgage exemption?
At the Morgan County Auditor’s Office in Martinsville.
Where do I pay my property taxes
At the Morgan County Treasurer’s Office in Martinsville.
How do I obtain a Solicitor's Permit?

A Solicitor’s Permit is required for all persons, who engage in door to door in the town for sale of any goods. Complete this form and submit with payment at the Clerk Treasurer’s offce at 4 E. Harrison Street.

Read more about the Solicitor’s Permit Ordinance here.

Ordinances and Resolutions / Minutes

Looking for information on ordinances and resolutions or minutes from a past meeting? You can find documentation of minutes from meetings for the Town Council, Planning Commission, Redevelopment Commission, and Board of Zoning Appeals as well as information on Ordinances and Resolutions through our online documents center.


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