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Alarm Permits

Town of Mooresville Ordinance 8-2007 requires any signaling device that comes from a home or business to report any robbery, burglary, fire or any other emergency within the city limits to be registered with the Mooresville Police Department. The cost is a yearly fee of $25.00 per residence/business. For more information please email acarnell@pd.mooresville.in.gov or call 317-831-3434.

Application Instructions

If you are located within the Mooresville City limits and need an alarm permit, the following steps need to be followed prior to the operation of your system.

  • Fill out either the Business Alarm Permit Application or the Residence Alarm Permit Application completely and then print the form. The Ordinance requires the names and telephone numbers for at least two persons who will respond to the alarm site when notified by the Mooresville Police Department. These persons MUST have access to the premises and be able to deactivate the alarm. For all businesses, you must have at least three persons on the list.
  • The application, payment for the application (Include a money order or check for $25.00 – no cash – made payable to: Town of Mooresville) should be mailed to:
    Mooresville Police Department/Alarm Permits
    445 S Indiana St
    Mooresville, IN 46158
  • Once the Administration Office receives and processes your application, a copy of your application along with your receipt for payment and an alarm permit sticker will be returned to you.
  • You may also drop off the application and payment for the application in the form of exact cash, credit, debit card or check, to the Mooresville Police Department, Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm.

Displaying the Permit

The alarm permit sticker should be visible to approaching emergency response personnel as they arrive at your location. Apply the permit, which is sticky on the printed side, to a glass surface, e.g.; the glass in the door or window nearby. If you are unable to display your permit sticker, please contact the Mooresville Police Department and it will be noted in our computer system.

.Handgun Permits

Application Process

The process to obtain a concealed weapon permit has changed over the past few years. Here is a quick guide to get your application started.

Step 1: Complete the online application at https://firearms.ariesportal.com/. At the end of the application, you will receive directions on how to schedule fingerprinting (step 2) and payment of the state fee. (After completing this step you will have only 90 days to complete Steps 2 and 3. )

Step 2: Schedule electronic fingerprinting through Identgo, either by calling (877) 472-6917 or visiting www.in.ibtfingerprint.com.

Step 3: Bring your application number, drivers license and fingerprint receipt to your local law enforcement agency for approval. There is no longer a fee for a four-year or  lifetime permit. 

Step 4: Your application will be reviewed by the Chief of Police and then electronically transferred to the Indiana State Police for final approval. If your application is approved, your permit will be sent to you via U.S. Mail. If your application is rejected, you will be notified via U.S. Mail and will receive instructions on how to file an appeal.

Applicants may check the status of pending applications by visiting https://firearms.ariesportal.com

Applications are taken Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

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