Coronavirus/Covid-19 Changes
While there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 within Mooresville or Morgan County, the Mooresville Metropolitan Police Department is taking active steps to help prevent the potential risk of exposure to our Employees and the Citizens of Mooresville.

Effective immediately, the department will begin handling as many calls via telephone as possible. What calls we take over the phone will be determined by the supervisor working that shift. Your non-emergent type calls such as some delayed thefts and information reports will be handled over the phone. Officers will still respond to in-progress calls for service as usual.

Our Dispatch center will screen all EMS Calls. If you call for any reason and if you are feeling ill, please inform dispatch so they can prepare the appropriate department.

At this time, All access to the Police Department will be limited. The Mooresville Police Department will no longer provide fingerprint services. The Police Departments lobby will remain open for 24 hours for those of you needing to come in to file a police report, or if you need a safe place.

The Officers will handle each call on a case by case basis. An Officer may ask you special requests to help prevent the spread of exposure. Officers may ask for callers to step outside their residences to conduct investigations in the open air and avoid unnecessary physical contact, such as handshakes. Please take no request rudely, it is not intended as such.

We ask you to heed the word of Indiana Governor Holcomb and the other appropriate agencies. Stay indoors as much as you can, avoid large gatherings, wash your hands thoroughly, avoid touching your face.